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lawnEvery single home deserves a well trim green lawn with a beautiful garden covered with colorful flowers and plants. That’s why Osorio’s Lawn Service puts forth the finest efforts to provide the best of lawn care to our customers. Osorio’s Lawn Service is a well organized company that strives to serve you with dedication, honesty, high quality and professional workmanship. Our passion is the work we put together as a team and the time we dedicate in helping you, which makes our company growing and standing strong.


"Osorio’s Lawn Service has been taking care of the landscaping at our house for over 5 years now."

-Tim Dawson

  Lawn Maintenance Mulching Service Mowing Service  


  • Keep your grass cut
• Help grass grow
• Maintain healthy lush grass
• Helps maintain trees
• Helps roots grow
• Helps maintain the moisture
• To have a healthy looking lawn
• To maintain your green lawn
• Prevent high grass growth

"I highly recommend Osorio’s Lawn Service to everyone."

-Joe Dunst


Tree Trimming


Trimming is recommended to remove dead/dry branches of trees/plants helping them grow stronger, healthier and giving your garden a unique design. It also helps tress/plants to reproduce double the amount of fruits and flowers making your garden a one of a kind.

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